Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most common questions about OEM wheel service and repair.

What is an OEM Wheel?

One of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we hear at American Factory Wheel is, What is an OEM Wheel?

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer when referring to auto parts. Those are components that are assembled and installed during the construction of a new vehicle.

Aftermarket parts are made by companies other than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Those aftermarket parts might be installed as replacements once the car comes out of the factory.

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Alloy vs. Steel…What’s the difference?

Aluminum wheels – also known as “alloy” wheels – are built with a blend of aluminium and nickel. Alloy wheels make up the vast majority of wheels today.

Steel wheels are made with an alloy of iron and carbon. They are also heavier and more durable than their aluminum counterparts.

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How do I know if I have a damaged rim?

We are often asked the easiest way to know if I have a damaged rim. Some key signs of potential rim damage include:

  • Shaking in the steering wheel
  • Frequently refilling tires with air
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Can I Replace or Repair my Wheels During a Shutdown?

No matter what, American Factory Wheel will repair or replace your wheels so you can always get back on the road safely and easily.

As a designated essential service to the community, many automotive shops like ours stay open during shutdowns, like the coronavirus pandemic, to make sure people who need to drive can still get their wheels repaired, serviced, or replaced.

We know that there are important places you need to travel to, and we are committed to helping you get there.

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